Compete with other artists for great prizes. The contests below provide you with contests where your art will be juried by a panel.

Baby and Child Art Contest

Share artwork of a baby (or child). This contest is seeking entries of artwork of a baby or child. Perhaps your child or grandchild.
Deadline: Open! Entries accepted.

Human Form Art Contest

This contest challenges you to share artwork that involves the human form.
Deadline: This contest is accepting entries.

Animal Art Contest

Share your dog, cat or perhaps animals you see in the zoo to enter this art contest.
Deadline: Open! Accepting entries.

Seasonal Art Contest

Share art that highlights this time of the year. How you will you incorporate the season into your art?
Deadline: Open! Accepting entries.

Flower Art Contest

Share your artwork of a flower to enter this art contest. Any flower will do!
Deadline: This contest is accepting entries.

Fantasy Art Contest

Fantasy is the topic of this art contest. Dragons, orcs or whatever your imagination can come up with. Share your fantasy art.
Deadline: This contest is open.

Painted Green Art Contest

Share artwork that uses the color green. Any type of artwork. Any subject. Just make sure green is a big part of it!
Deadline: Open. Accepting entries.

Still Life Art Contest

Share a still life art. That's basically artwork of something that isn't going to move! Such as a vase of flowers.
Deadline: Open. Accepting entries.

My Beauty Art

Share art of something that is beautiful. Such as a beautiful flower or a sunset.
Deadline: Open. Submit your entry!

Pet Art Contest

Your challenge for this art contest is to share your dog or cat! That's right. Share art of a pet for this pet art contest.
Deadline: Open. Accepting entries.

Black and White Art Contest

Share artwork only using black and white colors. Share anything you can think of. But black and white only.
Deadline: Open. Accepting entries.

Water Art Contest

The topic of this art contest is water. Share anything you can think of that somehow involves water.
Deadline: Open. Accepting entries.

Landmark Art Contest

Capture a landmark with your art. Can be a famous landmark or a small monument from your town.
Deadline: Accepting Entries!

Color Art Contest

Share art that features a specific color. This contest will be updated after each deadline to feature a different color. Share that color in your art. View the contest announcement to find out the color required.
Deadline: Open! Accepting entries.

The Eyes Have It

Share artwork of eyes. Old or young. Human or animal. It's up to you.
Deadline: Accepting Entries!

Colorful Art Contest

Get all your colors ready! This is an art contest that challenges you to create artwork that is as colorful as possible!
Deadline: Accepting Entries!

Faith Art Contest

Share artwork that shares your faith or the faith of another. Creative approaches are welcomed.
Deadline: Open! Share your entry.

Congressional Art Competition

Every spring, the Congressional Institute creates a high school visual art contest to recognize artistic talent in the United States. Students can submit their entries to their congressional office.
Deadline: End of every spring

Line Art Contest

Line art is a popular technique of creating art with straight lines. Try it! What can you create with straight lines. See an example in the announcement.
Deadline: Open! Share your entry.

Art From The Imagination

Share artwork from your imagination. Will it be dragons or an extreme landscape. Anything you can think up with your imagination is welcomed to this art contest.
Deadline: Open! Accepting entries.

Keep The Sea Free of Debris!

Share artwork on the theme of keeping the oceans clean. Show how the impact of marine debris impacts the earth.
Deadline: Opened Annually

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