Compete with other artists and photographers for great prizes. The contests below provide you with contests where your art will be juried by a panel.

Art Contests

Share artwork on various topics. A list of contests that are open to artists of all skill levels.
Deadline: Opened Annually

Keep The Sea Free of Debris!

Share artwork on the theme of keeping the oceans clean. Show how the impact of marine debris impacts the earth.
Deadline: Opened Annually

Art Contest Listing

Various contests including the Human Form Art Contest, the Naturally Cut Art Contest, and the Digital Art contest.
Deadline: Opened Annually

Congressional Art Competition

Every spring, the Congressional Institute creates a high school visual art contest to recognize artistic talent in the United States. Students can submit their entries to their congressional office.
Deadline: End of every spring

Artist Magazine Art Competition

For this art contest you are challenged to share artwork on different categories including Portrait/Figure, Still Life/Interior, Landscape, Abstract/Experimental and animal and wildlife. Choose the art form (or multiple forms) that best suits your skill level when entering this contest.
Deadline: This is an annual contest

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